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Use a Redirect bot to forward Telegram messages from one channel to another!

Automatic forwarding of messages in a telegram

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REDIRECT BOT is a convenient service for automatically forwarding messages to Telegram

Forwarding Messages To Telegram​

For users​

Redirect Bot will automatically forward messages from different sources directly to your chats or channels. This is convenient for those who want to receive all notifications in one place without making an effort.

For administrators

A convenient tool for content management. It is suitable for owners of groups, forums and channels to automate the process of replenishing relevant content from other sources without unnecessary hassle.


Powerful functionality for automatic processing and editing of forwarded messages: Autoposting, text autocorrect, adding signatures, deleting duplicates and much more.

Technical support

The technical support team is always in touch. We are ready to help you with any questions. Just contact @redirect_support and we will solve your problem promptly.


0 ₽

/3 days

For new users


500 ₽


For standard tasks


1000 ₽


For serious tasks


0 ₽

/3 days

For new users


5000 ₽


For standard tasks


10000 ₽


For serious tasks

How to set up message forwarding in telegram


Create a project

To get started, add a new project and give it a clear name for the convenience of the organization.


Connecting groups

Go to this section and add the sender’s link. To add a recipient, select the desired group or channel from the list to which messages will be forwarded. Make sure that you are the administrator of the selected group or channel, and grant the same rights to the bot.


Create keywords

To set up the forwarding of posts, be sure to specify the keywords for which the redirect will be carried out. Also add stop words to filter out unwanted content.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to pay for a subscription

To make payment for the bot, we offer the following options:

  • Payment in Russian rubles via the YooMoney platform (MIR, VISA, and MasterCard).
  • Possibility to pay in other currencies through the Wallet app.
  • Payment in cryptocurrencies TON / USDT / BTC via the Wallet and Cryptobot apps.

Choose the payment method that suits you and follow the instructions to complete the payment process. If you have any questions or encounter difficulties with payment, feel free to contact our support team for assistance.

How the referral system works

The referral system is a partnership program, a way to earn money by inviting new users to the Redirect Bot using your unique link (Menu – Invite a Friend – Instructions – Link).

When the users you invited make a subscription payment, you receive a payout of 10% of the amount they paid. The feature of this system is that you will receive 10% of all subsequent payments made by the users you invited in the future.

Thus, the referral system provides not only passive income but also constant benefits when using the bot.

Is it possible to circumvent the prohibition of sending messages in a telegram

Yes, our script for sending messages to Telegram easily bypasses the restriction on post forwarding.

What kind of delays occur when forward posts

Our application forwards all information immediately, without delays.

Exceptions occur when there are multiple media files in the post (limit of 50 MB).

How to forward messages from private chats

This is possible with the Redirect Bot. Just provide an invitation link where a third-party account will accept an invitation from the bot. After this account joins the chat, the bot will get access to the information and forward it to you (you cannot delete the joined account from the list of participants). This way you can receive messages from private chats.

Is it possible to filter messages

Sure. In the project settings, you can specify the keywords for forwarding messages, as well as choose stop words. If stop words are present, message forwarding will not occur.

The bot is not working, what to do

We have sorted out all possible problems here 

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