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Agreement on the use of Redirect Bot

The main provisions of the bot for sending messages between channels and groups. Terms of use, penalties for violation, processing of user data, confidentiality and user support.

The main provisions:

The bot is designed exclusively for sending messages between channels and groups.It is prohibited to use the bot to distribute pornography, offensive materials, illegal content and any information that violates laws.

Connecting groups:

You can connect the sender’s channel/group and the recipient’s channel/group to set up a redirect.Please make sure that you have administrator rights in the recipient’s groups/channels.

Sanctions for violation:

For using a bot to distribute prohibited content, the administrator has the right to block you from using the bot.If you block, you lose access to the bot forever and a refund is not provided in this case.

User data:

By using the bot, you agree that the bot will use your personal data available in the Telegram platform environment for the purposes of the bot’s operation.
User’s responsibility:
By using the bot, you agree to the rules and agree not to violate them.You are responsible for the content that you send using the bot.

Technical support:

If you have any questions or problems related to the bot, please contact the support service in the Redirect bot main menu.


The bot owner ensures the confidentiality of your data, but is not responsible for the actions of the Telegram platform.
The right to change:
The bot owner reserves the right to make changes to the rules without prior notice.
By using the bot, the user automatically agrees to this agreement, and also assumes responsibility for compliance with its provisions.

Thank you for understanding and following the rules!

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